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Weight: 210 g
Measures: 10 x 18 x 35 cm
Colour: Black
Art. No. 100513100
The ROAD BIKE ADAPTER (DISC) is used for packing road bikes in our bike bags BIKE TRAVEL BAG and BIKE TRAVEL BAG PRO.

  • Fits: road bike, triathlon bike
  • Packing position optimized
  • Not to be used in combination with BIKE STAND
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CHAIN COVER ROAD Lightweight bike chain cover with Velcro straps to protect the bike
Colour: Black
The CHAIN COVER ROAD prevents your bike and other items to be transported from soiling and damage through the bike chain. Fits most road bikes Velcro fixation Separation flap between chainstay and chain

€30.00 (incl. VAT)
ROAD BIKE BAG PRO Hybrid bike transport bag optimised for carrying road and triathlon bikes safely and comfortably
Colour: Black | Volume: 300 l
Revolutionary hybrid road-, and triathlon bike travel bag for very safe andconvenient bike transportation.BIKE FITTING PROOF – only wheels and pedals needs to be removedExtralight and ultrasafe hybrid construction – COLLAPSIBLEEasy to travel with – thanks to extra wide wheel chassis, CLIP-ON WHEEL and multiple handles Including new ROAD BIKE STAND for easy fixation and extra safe transport TSA PROOF SKATE WHEEL, REPLACEABLEMaximum wheel base: 112 cmMaximum cockpit width: 50 cmMaximum saddle height: 86cm (distance between lower part of chainring and top part of saddle)Download Manual

€945.00 (incl. VAT)
ROAD BIKE WHEEL CASE (2 pcs set) Optimised protection for roadbike wheels during transport
Colour: Black
Transport your wheels safely and stylishly with the ROAD BIKE WHEEL CASE. Perfectly adapted, the cases also fit in the wheel bags of our bike bags BIKE BAG and BIKE BAG PRO.Fits: EVOC BIKE BAG (PRO) Reinforced axle protection Carry handles

€150.00 (incl. VAT)
BIKE RACK COVER ROAD Bicycle transport cover for bike racks
Colour: Black
The BIKE RACK COVER ROAD is a durable and cleverly designed cover that protects your road bike from dirt and water when transporting it on the rear bike rack of your car. It is easy to mount and offers optimum protection for your bike with a cut specifically adapted to road bikes with drop bars, while only minimally impairing visibility. The BIKE RACK COVER ROAD is suitable for both boot or hitch-mounted bike racks and comes with a handy bag for space-saving storage. Fits contours of the bike perfectly thanks to special straps.Fits contours of the bike perfectly thanks to special strapsMaterial: durable, water resistant and UV-protectiveApproved for road traffic (complies with German StVZO)Not suitable for roof racksEasy to clean with warm water, sponge, brush and, if necessary, soap

€160.00 (incl. VAT)