With our mountain bikes or snowboards, always on the search for the best trails and greatest powder runs


We discovered fantastic places and found some amazing downhill runs. But what we couldn’t find was equipment that met our needs. So, we began to develop and produce this equipment according to our personal preferences: top-quality, sophisticated products with useful features


During a shoot for a snowboarding video on the Arlberg  we experience an avalanche. Fortunately, nobody is trapped, but freerider and product designer Holger Feist crashes on his way through the couloir and injures his back. The cause: the avalanche shovel in his backpack. Holger’s immediate conclusion is that a backpack with back protector would probably have prevented that.  

The idea for a backpack with back protector is born.


The idea of a protector backpack could also work for mountain biking. Here too, the risk of falling onto your back is great. Plus, the ergonomics of the bike packs at the time are not really suitable for sporting use. »Like a football on your back!«, was Holger’s fed-up conclusion after completing a three-week expedition through Tibet to the Mt. Everest base camp in 2000. The decision is made: There is a better way – we’ll do it ourselves. Back in Munich, Holger starts to tinker, stitch and experiment.

2003 // BOLIVIA // LA PAZ

The first prototype of the protector backpack is used on the trails around La Paz. And it works perfectly! But the equipment used during this trip highlights a completely different issue: instead of arriving in a carefully packed box, the mountain bike arrives on the belt at the airport in bits and pieces – fortunately without any parts missing! There is no satisfactory solution on the market for transporting bikes either. The trigger for developing the first BIKE TRAVEL BAG – a bag concept thought through to the smallest detail, for safe and convenient transporting of bikes. From the very beginning, the focus is on functionality, convenience, protection and quality, so that no-one would ever have to be annoyed about their equipment again. The protector backpack and bike travel bag are initially only produced for our own trips – and for friends who request them.

2008 // HONGKONG 

One day the phone rings and Bernd Stucke, friend and long-time travel companion from Hong Kong is on the line. He had taken his bike for service to the legendary »Flying Ball« bike shop in one of the first bike bags. Mr Lee – shop owner and bike expert – is so taken with this bike

bag that he immediately orders 50 of them. The first real customer! So, in 2008, Holger Feist and Bernd Stucke found EVOC. Since then, a lot has changed for us, and yet so little.

Quality, functionality and durability are still top priorities to us. And we are rather proud to say that we’re also setting  trends when it comes to design, comfort and protection. 

We still travel the world as much as possible with our sports equipment – although, these days, also more and more frequently with our business gear.

We’re still testing all products ourselves and are working every day to improve them just that little bit more. Our DNA is in every single product – and in everything we do, we try and convey our passion for sports and travel.

Products from EVOC are consequently always a little more than just items of equipment. EVOC stands for evolution and the concept of high-quality, sporty backpacks, bags and luggage – with a particular focus on proper protection of man and material.

Protect the things you love! Or in short: