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Measures: 35 x 145 x 26 cm
Colour: Black
Art. No. 100534100
The smart BIKE BAG STORAGE BAG enables you to conveniently store your EVOC Bike Bag whenever it’s not travelling the globe. The bag fits all EVOC Bike Bags and protects their handles, buckles and straps whenever they need to be stored or transported empty. What is more, it helps you keep the Bike Bag from getting dusty or dirty while you wait for your next adventure. Very convenient: the extra orifices for the Bike Bag’s wheels!

  • Protects the bag from dirt and saves handles, buckles and straps from damage
  • Robust, durable, yet lightweight material
  • Comfortable handling thanks to the wheel cut-outs
  • Heavy-duty webbing handle Easy to close thanks to drawstring with stopper
  • Ensures compact storage and safe transport Fits all EVOC bike bags

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ROAD BIKE BAG PRO Hybrid bike transport bag optimised for carrying road and triathlon bikes safely and comfortably
Colour: Black | Volume: 300 l
Revolutionary hybrid road-, and triathlon bike travel bag for very safe andconvenient bike transportation.BIKE FITTING PROOF – only wheels and pedals needs to be removedExtralight and ultrasafe hybrid construction – COLLAPSIBLEEasy to travel with – thanks to extra wide wheel chassis, CLIP-ON WHEEL and multiple handles Including new ROAD BIKE STAND for easy fixation and extra safe transport TSA PROOF SKATE WHEEL, REPLACEABLEMaximum wheel base: 112 cmMaximum cockpit width: 50 cmMaximum saddle height: 86cm (distance between lower part of chainring and top part of saddle)Download Manual

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BIKE BAG PRO Premium bike bag for securely and comfortably transporting a bike
Colour: Black | Volume: 305 l
The lightweight and robust travel bag is the secure high-end solution for easy bike transport. No matter what kind of bike you travel with: its sophisticated geometry and the adjustable BIKE STAND PRO keep the bike perfectly protected throughout its journey.     Fits most : Cross Country-, All Mountain-, Enduro-, Freeride-, Downhill-Bikes up to 29", Gravel Road-, and Triathlon-bikes    External, seperate wheel compartments with DISC PROTECTION    Includes BIKE STAND PRO, CLIP ON WHEEL 2.0 and FRAME PAD     SKATE WHEEL, REPLACEABLEMaximum wheelbase: 130 cmInstruction Manual

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BIKE TRAVEL BAG XL Light bike transport bag for carrying plus sized and fat bikes comfortably
Colour: Olive | Volume: 320 l
Perfect BIKE TRAVEL BAG if more space is needed – for safe and easy transportation of Plus- and Fat Bikes.PLUS SIZE WHEEL COMPARTMENT Variable Frame Fixation Equipment (V.A.F.F.E.) Separate Wheel Compartments Maximum wheel base: 125 cm incl. handle bar- and fork protection block (130 cm without handle bar- and fork protection block) SKATE WHEEL, REPLACEABLEInside dimensions: 134 x 39 x 79 cmDownload Manual

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BIKE BAG Bike transport bag for safe storage of a bike
Colour: Black | Volume: 280 l
The redesigned bike travel bag is the compact solution for transporting virtually any type of bike. You can safely and securely pack the BIKE BAG in no time and get to the start of your next adventure comfortably.Suitable for enduro, gravel, XC, FR, DH bikes < 29“ BIKE STAND PRO compatible for the transport of road and gravel bikes SKATE WHEEL, REPLACEABLE Including BIKE BLOCK for enhanced stability and protection of chainring and derailleur Maximum wheelbase: 126 cmInstruction Manual

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