What started with a mountain bike photo shoot on an epic trail in Northern California five years ago led to the collaboration you can experience here today.

A mutual passion for traveling and a thoughtful dedication to our craft brought our brands together. The curiosity to explore new places, meet like-minded individuals, and live meaningful experiences–all driven by the power of two wheels. 



Bicycle Nightmares is a brand with deep roots in dirt jump culture, showcasing its lifestyle from a unique and different perspective and using various mediums to share its aesthetic and ideas.

 It‘s like an abstract concept that is unrestricted to be defined, and contrary to its name, it aims to positively contribute to the bike industry with curated media content, apparel collections, and special projects in collaboration with other brands.


Now available: Two limited EVOC X Bicycle Nightmares products. Don't miss the chance to own a piece of this legendary collaboration!






Traveling has been key in building Bicycle Nightmares. It has allowed me to meet new people and discover different places, leading to new opportunities and experiences. That’s how I met Holger and Jan back in 2018, and once I learned the Evoc story, I was drawn to the brand. I really liked their approach and attention to detail in designing well-thought-out products, and that’s why this collaboration made a lot of sense to me. 

Now, every time I pack my bags for a new trip, I appreciate the long journey to get here even more.The search for the unknown can be endless, but the answer is out there. It’s all about knowing where to go. 

 — Héctor Saura, founder + creative director, Bicycle Nightmares

EVOC was started because of our passion for exploring new riding destinations. It was after the first trips that we found out, we needed gear that we couldn't find on the market. So we decided to make it ourselves – functional and quality-made packs and bags for riding and travelling. And it was on one of our trips that we met Hector and immediately understood we share the same mindset when it comes to exploring and traveling. 

So it was just natural to work together on a special edition of items that combine Hectors vision and aesthetics, but also his needs for his work with our expertise in making products that are always a bit more than simply pieces of equipment. 

- Holger Feist, founder + director of products, EVOC

I met Hector for the first time in California when I was in need of a photographer for a MTB shooting – on very short notice. He didn't speak much and had a very unique approach to location selection and shooting angles. I was a bit nervous if this would really correspond with what I had had in mind, until I saw the result. Way better than what I could have asked for! One of the images even made it into our catalogue as a double-page spread. And what started as a small job became a real friendship. 

When we learned more about his curiosity and passion for travelling and exploring new perspectives on our sport, we knew we share a very similar mindset. So this collaboration feels just like the very natural next step, bringing together our ideas and trying something new. 

- Jan Sallawitz, director of marketing, EVOC