mercredi, 22 février 2017
Munich, 5 February 2017 – Since the company’s foundation in 2008, Munich-based EVOC has gradually become synonymous with high-quality, functional sports backpacks, paving the way for ergonomic protector backpacks. Irrespective of the category, of which there are now four – BIKE, CITY & TRAVEL, PHOTO and SNOW – all products are inspired by the ambitions and sports-related requirements of the company founders. The products are also all tried and tested in-house, and must always meet the most stringent personal demands for safety, comfort and innovative design.

A passion for off-piste snow sports is an essential part of the EVOC DNA; after all, it was an avalanche accident of one of the company’s founders in 1999 which was the impetus for the early EVOC brand.

Searching for the perfect LINE

It’s not only adrenaline and action that have moved EVOC forward since the very beginning. The annual winter search for the perfect line and the ultimate climb is the driving force behind the development of the EVOC TOURING BACKPACKS – one of the two cornerstones of the SNOW category.

Technology and performance in winter 2018: The EVOC TOURING product family has been extended with the new LINE SERIES. The LINE backpacks are available in 28l and 18l models, both of which come in three colour variations, and are the perfect multifunctional addition to the EVOC product range. These versatile all-rounders are ideal for touring, freeriding, a relaxed day on the mountain and even for everyday use. The NEUTRALITE SYSTEM provides for excellent carrying comfort. A separate avalanche compartment with quick access and emergency plan as well as removable attachment solutions for skis and snowboard are naturally also a must. The extra-wide hip belt with BODY HUGGING effect and convenient large hip belt pockets makes for a comfortable fit – which means going downhill with the LINE BACKPACK is just as much fun as going up!

All the other members of the TOURING backpack family are also true all-rounders and first-class partners for any kind of mountain touring adventure. We’ve incorporated our high-quality NEUTRALITE SYSTEM for optimum weight distribution and a balanced feel as well as the AIR CIRCULATION features for best possible ventilation and breathability.

The DROP 12l has a shorter back and is ideal as a technical snowboard and ski backpack for day tours, while the PATROL SERIES is just right for spending more time in the snow. In winter 2017, we expanded the series comprising the PATROL 32l touring backpack with reduced design for long backcountry adventures, and the PATROL 40l top loader for multi-day tours, when we launched the PATROL 55l. Thanks to its comfortable back system, this large touring backpack is the perfect choice for multi-day tours that require a lot of equipment. Quick access to the main compartment and an avalanche compartment with quick access and emergency plan are common features in all PATROL TOURING BACKPACKS.

From the idea to series production: The FR PROTECTOR backpacks

The avalanche accident referred to above was the inspiration for our widely popular freeride protector backpack series, the FR SERIES – the second cornerstone of our SNOW category. The series comprises a total of ten models, made up of the FR GUIDE, FR PRO, FR DAY and FR SKID in different variations. These EVOC PROTECTOR BACKPACKS meet the EVOC BIG 5 quality standards and combine all the benefits of sophisticated sports backpacks with a fully-fledged back protector.

You can find more detailed information about the LINE SERIES in the press kit.