Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Earn your turn - this winter is for touring enthusiasts! We proudly present our extended PATROL range:

The PATROL 55l, PATROL 40l and PATROL 32l.

200206212 PATROL 55l medium200207212 PATROL 40l medium200208212 PATROL 32l medium

We have always preferred routes and runs off the beaten track and crowded slopes so we know exactly what makes a good touring backpack. That’s why we have redesigned the PATROL RANGE (PATROL 40l and PATROL 32l) in the TECHNICAL PERFORMANCE BACKPACK segment and have included the PATROL 55l for ski tourers who are passionate about alpine touring and longer touring trips. Our focus during the development stage was on consistent implementation of the EVOC BIG 5. These five characteristics guide us during development and are ultimately included in each and every backpack.

evoc big5


The NEUTRALITE SYSTEM, our carrying system for high-capacity backpacks, ensures a load behaviour that is neutral to movement and makes for optimal carrying comfort when touring, while the slim cut provides perfect ergonomics for both ascents and descents. Thanks to segmented and strategically positioned padding, the weight is transferred to the wide, well-padded hip belt and consequently to the body’s centre of gravity. The hip belt can be completely removed for the PATROL 40l and PATROL 32l. Compression straps fix the load as close as possible to the back. Wide, ergonomic and thickly-padded shoulder straps with a wide neckline, together with the chest strap with integrated signal whistle keep the backpack in place. And the AIR CIRCULATION SYSTEM ensures perfect air circulation across the entire back.

A nifty feature of the PATROL 55l is the quick access to the main compartment via the back. The PATROL 40l and PATROL 32l models both offer quick access from the side.

200206100 PATROL 55l dt01 medium200206100 PATROL 55l dt02 medium

Compartment management has also been adapted for use in alpine heights and allows for perfect equipment order in the mountains. The avalanche compartment for shovel, probe and similar tools is quick and easy to access, and features an imprinted emergency plan in case the worst comes to worst. Another compartment offers space for hydration systems of up to three litres, and even boasts emergency drainage. In addition, the lid contains a transparent, water-resistant necessity compartment and the obligatory goggles compartment. The new PATROL 55l also features a map compartment in the front. All three models include a pocket on the hip belt.

We are proud of the removable attachment systems, which allow the inherent weight of the touring backpack to be automatically reduced. Though you might not think so at first glance, your skis, a snowboard or ski shoes can be fixed to these slim toploader backpacks just as easily as a helmet, ice pick or climbing equipment – without restricting access to the main compartment of the pack.

And speaking of weight: by using the latest nylon we have been able to reduce the weight by a further 10% and simultaneously reinforce the material. Because anyone who has ever done a longer tour knows: every gram counts.

// PATROL 55l

200206212 PATROL 55l medium200206100 PATROL 55l medium

Capacity: 55 l

Dimensions: 25 x 73 x 30 cm

Weight: 1850 g

Colours: Heather Slate/Olive and Black

// PATROL 40l

200207212 PATROL 40l medium200207100 PATROL 40l medium

Capacity: 40 l 

Dimensions: 20 x 68 x 30 cm 

Weight: 1700 g

Colours: Heather Slate/Olive and Black

// PATROL 32l

200208212 PATROL 32l medium200208100 PATROL 32l medium

Capacity: 32 l  

Dimensions: 18 x 62 x 28 cm

Weight: 1600 g

Colours: Heather Slate/Olive and Black