Weight 1400 g
Measures 26.5 x 131 x 27 cm
Multifunctional BIKE STAND for transporting your bike in our bike bags BIKE
TRAVEL BAG, BIKE TRAVEL BAG XL and BIKE TRAVEL BAG PRO. Various mounting options enable the fastening of different bicycle types and bike sizes.

  • Fits into all BTB, BTB PRO und BTB XL
  • Fits: road bike, triathlon bike, XC-, FR-, downhill bike
  • Fixation for: Front axle (QR 5 mm, Thru axle: 12/15/20 mm, Boost), Rear axle (QR 5 x 130 mm, Thru axle: 12 x 135/142/148/150/157 mm, Boost)
  • Maximum wheel base: 130 cm (length adjuster to max wheel base: 124 cm to fit into all previous BIKE TRAVEL BAG models)

for you

For many years the BIKE TRAVEL BAG is our approved solution for transporting almost any type of bike. As a hybrid construction it combines the advantages of a hard shell case with the properties of a soft bag. Fits most: Cross Country-, All Mountain-, Enduro-, Freeride-, Downhill-Bikes up to 29“, Gravel-, Road-, and Triathlon-Bikes For safe transport of road bikes and triathlon bikes, you need the ROAD BIKE ADAPTER DISC, ROAD BIKE ALUMINIUM STAND or BIKE STAND SKATE WHEEL, REPLACEABLE MOLDED POLYCARBONATE BIKE BLOCKInside dimensions: 130 x 27 x 80 cmCollapsible: 136 x 39 x 25 cmMaximum wheel base: 126 cmDownload Manual
Perfect BIKE TRAVEL BAG if more space is needed – for safe and easy transportation of Plus- and Fat Bikes.PLUS SIZE WHEEL COMPARTMENT Variable Frame Fixation Equipment (V.A.F.F.E.) Separate Wheel Compartments Maximum wheel base: 125 cm incl. handle bar- and fork protection block (130 cm without handle bar- and fork protection block) SKATE WHEEL, REPLACEABLEInside dimensions: 134 x 39 x 79 cmDownload Manual
The ROAD BIKE ADAPTER (DISC) is used for packing road bikes in our bike bags BIKE TRAVEL BAG and BIKE TRAVEL BAG PRO.Fits: road bike, triathlon bike Packing position optimized Not to be used in combination with BIKE STAND
The CHAIN COVER MTB offers perfect protection from dirt and damage through the bike chain during transport. Fits most mountain bikes Velcro fixation Separation flap between chainstay and chain
The CHAIN COVER ROAD prevents your bike and other items to be transported from soiling and damage through the bike chain. Fits most road bikes Velcro fixation Separation flap between chainstay and chain
The STAGE 6 is a technical bike backpack with numerous features and details, making it the perfect choice for short enduro rides or manoeuvres in the park. The BRACE LINK provides freely moving shoulder straps for maximum mobility on your bike. AIR FLOW CONTACT SYSTEM offers perfect back ventilation BRACE LINK for optimal adjustment of the shoulder straps TOOL COMPARTMENT with quick side access (separate) to Sizeguide