Zip-On ABS


The EVOC BASE UNIT is our avalanche backpack carrying system, that can be combined with any EVOC ZIP-ON ABS attachment.


800 g, 33 x 56 x 2 cm

  • Removable and adjustable hip belt (90 - 130 cm)
  • Signal whistle on chest strap
  • Hip belt pocket for necessities

Item No.
BLACK 200706100


air circulationdetachable hip belthipbelt pouchneutralite systemsignal whistle



neutralite system photo
neutralite system photo

Designed for ambitious use, our NEUTRALITE SYSTEM is a carrying system for high-capacity backpacks, which allows even heavy loads to be carried comfortably over longer periods, in a way that is neutral to movement.

Back adaptation and load transfer are managed via malleable stabilising elements that transfer the weight onto a specially adapted hip belt 01 via segmented and strategically positioned padded elements. This means that the weight is absorbed as neutrally as possible at the body’s centre of gravity, via the hips.

Particularly wide, well-padded and ergonomically shaped shoulder straps 02 with a wide neck cut-out help keep the backpack in place at all times and prevent it from slipping, even during action-loaded manoeuvres. At the same time, useful gaps and aeration channels ensure optimal ventilation across the entire back.


Airo Flex
This nylon fabric (herringbone band) features excellent flexibility and a high degree of material stability while offering great air permeability. Thanks to this combination it's the perfect material for use in our high-quality hip belts.
N210 D Ripstop PU coated
The demands for the perfect outer material of a backpack can be summed up in four characteristics: durable, abrasion resistant, water repellent and very light. This is exactly what our Nylon 210/D Ripstop offers. A double PU-coating of the lightweight nylon base provides moisture protection and wear resistance. A micro texture of filaments segments the basic fabric into tiny squares to prevent rips – hence the name Ripstop.