Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Earn your turn - this winter is for touring enthusiasts! We proudly present our extended PATROL range:

The PATROL 55l, PATROL 40l and PATROL 32l.

200206212 PATROL 55l medium200207212 PATROL 40l medium200208212 PATROL 32l medium

We have always preferred routes and runs off the beaten track and crowded slopes so we know exactly what makes a good touring backpack. That’s why we have redesigned the PATROL RANGE (PATROL 40l and PATROL 32l) in the TECHNICAL PERFORMANCE BACKPACK segment and have included the PATROL 55l for ski tourers who are passionate about alpine touring and longer touring trips. Our focus during the development stage was on consistent implementation of the EVOC BIG 5. These five characteristics guide us during development and are ultimately included in each and every backpack.

evoc big5


The NEUTRALITE SYSTEM, our carrying system for high-capacity backpacks, ensures a load behaviour that is neutral to movement and makes for optimal carrying comfort when touring, while the slim cut provides perfect ergonomics for both ascents and descents. Thanks to segmented and strategically positioned padding, the weight is transferred to the wide, well-padded hip belt and consequently to the body’s centre of gravity. The hip belt can be completely removed for the PATROL 40l and PATROL 32l. Compression straps fix the load as close as possible to the back. Wide, ergonomic and thickly-padded shoulder straps with a wide neckline, together with the chest strap with integrated signal whistle keep the backpack in place. And the AIR CIRCULATION SYSTEM ensures perfect air circulation across the entire back.

A nifty feature of the PATROL 55l is the quick access to the main compartment via the back. The PATROL 40l and PATROL 32l models both offer quick access from the side.

200206100 PATROL 55l dt01 medium200206100 PATROL 55l dt02 medium

Compartment management has also been adapted for use in alpine heights and allows for perfect equipment order in the mountains. The avalanche compartment for shovel, probe and similar tools is quick and easy to access, and features an imprinted emergency plan in case the worst comes to worst. Another compartment offers space for hydration systems of up to three litres, and even boasts emergency drainage. In addition, the lid contains a transparent, water-resistant necessity compartment and the obligatory goggles compartment. The new PATROL 55l also features a map compartment in the front. All three models include a pocket on the hip belt.

We are proud of the removable attachment systems, which allow the inherent weight of the touring backpack to be automatically reduced. Though you might not think so at first glance, your skis, a snowboard or ski shoes can be fixed to these slim toploader backpacks just as easily as a helmet, ice pick or climbing equipment – without restricting access to the main compartment of the pack.

And speaking of weight: by using the latest nylon we have been able to reduce the weight by a further 10% and simultaneously reinforce the material. Because anyone who has ever done a longer tour knows: every gram counts.

// PATROL 55l

200206212 PATROL 55l medium200206100 PATROL 55l medium

Capacity: 55 l

Dimensions: 25 x 73 x 30 cm

Weight: 1850 g

Colours: Heather Slate/Olive and Black

// PATROL 40l

200207212 PATROL 40l medium200207100 PATROL 40l medium

Capacity: 40 l 

Dimensions: 20 x 68 x 30 cm 

Weight: 1700 g

Colours: Heather Slate/Olive and Black

// PATROL 32l

200208212 PATROL 32l medium200208100 PATROL 32l medium

Capacity: 32 l  

Dimensions: 18 x 62 x 28 cm

Weight: 1600 g

Colours: Heather Slate/Olive and Black

Readers Choice 2016

Thursday, 06 October 2016

For us Fan Awards are always something special. And that‘s because they directly come from the people, we are making our products for. You!

We're just happy you like what we're doing. Reader polls like that are such a valuable feedback for us. So thanks for all the votes!


The first readers choice award Best Brand comes from international mountain bike magazine Enduro MTB. More than 22,000 bike enthusiasts have chosen us THE Best Brand 2016 in the category: MTB Backpacks


We made the 1st place in german speaking countries Swiss, Austria and Germany and an overwhelming 2nd in the international poll against all those big companies worldwide.


Source: Enduro MTB

The second Readers Choice was made by readers of german Gravity Magazine, where you votet us 1st in the category Brands Best Backpack.



Source: Gravity Magazine 


Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Happy and proud! We got the Design & Innovation Award 2017 for our new-interpretation of a true classic from the '90s - the fanny pack or hip pack.

We call it the HIP PACK RACE. Here is the statement of the jury:

While it might sound like a poor throwback from the ‘90s, this EVOC HIP PACK RACE fortunately has very little in common with the earlier decade’s trashy bumbags. The DI.A test team were astonished by the comfort of the hip pack and the high quality of production, although that’s admittedly pretty typical for EVOC. The hip pack has a 3-litre volume, with room for a 1.5 litre bladder and your ride essentials. The perfect choice for flow trails where shoulder straps become redundant, the EVOC HIP PACK RACE creates that sacred backpack-less zen state of riding with full freedom to throw yourself around on the bike.There’s no risk of your lower back over-heating thanks to the ingenious strap system, and the additional strap to fine-tune the distance between the pack and your back means you can control the interplay of ventilation and fit.


But why did WE decide to make a Hip Pack?

Our team riders have convinced us: you don't always need a backpack for racing or short after-work bike tours. Call it a belt bag, a bum bag or a "wimmerl" in bavarian slang - with the clever HIP PACK RACE we watch the backs of riders who like ravel light. We have adapted the proven air flow contact back system of our technical performance backpacks to ensure perfect performance and optimal air circulation. Adding to this is the new venti flap system.


102501100 HIP PACK RACE 3l medium102501320 HIP PACK RACE 3l medium102501502 HIP PACK RACE 3l medium

We have adapted the proven TECHNICAL PERFORMANCE BACKPACKS to ensure perfect performance. A new feature of the back system is the VENTI FLAP SYSTEM which can be individually adjusted and regulates the distance to the back, thereby providing ventilation of the contact area.

102501100 HIP PACK RACE 3l dt3 medium

A cleverly laid-out compartment structure with tool pocket, external pockets and two interior compartments offer sufficient space for tools, snacks, keys, smartphone etc. The HIP PACK RACE accommodates a 1.5-litre drinking bladder.

102501100 HIP PACK RACE 3l dt4 medium102501100 HIP PACK RACE 3l dt1 medium


The VENTI FLAP system enables folding the back piece away for maximum ventilation, and thus enhanced carrying comfort. During longer ascents, you can increase the distance to your back by opening the adjustment strap to boost air circulation.

During descents you can reduce the distance again, which then ensures that the backpack sits firmly and is completely neutral to movement.


Tuesday, 13 September 2016

The PHOTOP 22l and PHOTOP 16l are the perfect photo backpacks for outdoor fans who are passionate photographers. They combine our proven carrying systems for professional sports photographer packs with unprecedented diversity of application.

Maximum protection for camera equipment and optimal carrying comfort are guaranteed in all our PHOTO line products. Equipment that provides perfect support in every terrain and during any adventure, so that you can concentrate completely on the perfect shot. The PHOTOP 22l and PHOTOP 16l are a perfect combination of daypack and photo backpack, making them the perfect duo for every outdoor fan who loves taking pictures, either using a small DSLR camera or a system camera.


501307210 PHOTOP 22l medium501307500 PHOTOP 22l dt01 medium501307500 PHOTOP 22l dt02 medium


501308210 PHOTOP 16l medium501308500 PHOTOP 16l dt01 medium501308500 PHOTOP 16l dt02 medium

Versatility is the key to our PHOTOPs. Both backpacks are based on a block system, which enables photographers to use the backpack with the camera block as a photo pack, or as a daypack without the block.In the PHOTOP 16l the size of the camera compartment can even be changed. This model comes with a 3l camera block as standard, but can accommodate an additional 3l block. Both camera blocks are easy and quick to access via the side, even without removing the backpack.

The PHOTOP 22l offers quick access from the right side and features a mesh pocket on the left.Another great feature of the PHOTOPs is the roll-top principle, which makes for variable adjustment of the pack’s volume. Where required, the top of the pack can be rolled up, allowing for less or more equipment to be packed.

reddot award 2016

The PHOTOP concept is convincing. EVOC wins the prestigious red dot design award 2016 with the EVOC PHOTOP 16l. High quality and the well thought, innovative design persuaded the biggest red dot jury of all times.


Wednesday, 07 September 2016

CC stands for climate control. Accordingly, the percormance-oriented lite performance backpacks CC 16lCC 10l and CC 6l offer maximum back and shoulder ventilation and low weight. Be at mountain or city: carrying comfort and additional EVOC-specific detail solutions make the new range a must-have when things start getting hot.

A backpack should fit so well that you forget all about it on your back (while cycling). With this vision in mind, we set about developing the new LITE PERFORMANCE BACKPACKS. We are more than happy with the result: The small, lightweight and versatile CC 16lCC 10l and CC 6l backpacks look good, are convenient and hardly noticeable. This is partly due to their light weight. And partly due to their ergonomic fit. In particular, our focus during development was on the direct contact surfaces between the back and the pack – on the back panel and the shoulder straps.

CC 16l // CC 10l // CC 6l


We have continued to refine the proven EVOC AIR PAD SYSTEM. Six strategically positioned pads reduce the contact area on the back without any compromise. They distribute the weight optimally across the entire back and act as "spacers" so that air can circulate freely. They keep your back cool and reduce the formation of sweat. The material used for the contact surfaces – 3D AIRMESH – also absorbs almost no moisture and dries extremely quickly.


But that's not all: Thanks to the flexible, patent-pending BRACE LINK, the narrow, ergonomic straps smoothly adjust to the individual shoulder width of the wearer and follow every movement on the bike. Large grooves in the shoulder straps ensure maximum air circulation. The flexible hip belt wings are also breathable. In short: The carrying system as a whole adjusts individually to the back and shoulders of the wearer, ensuring ideal ventilation, load distribution and carrying comfort.


When it comes to weight optimisation we also rely on the innovative outer material Nylon 100D Shadow Box Ripstop, which is characterised by lightness and outstanding abrasion resistance. Another couple of grams saved. It goes without saying that we did not save on any EVOC-specific features: All three lightweights are equipped with a hydration system support for at least two litres, a map compartment for easy directions, a fleece-lined glasses compartment and a handy key clip. The compact CC 10l and the spacious CC 16l also boast a clever tool compartment on the front of the pack and a versatile fastening system for XC helmets. Another nifty extra of the CC 16l daypack is the snack compartment.

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